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Must Have: Alien and Predators franchise Collectables

Both Alien and Predator had taken pop culture by the neck and tail. Whether alone or together, these franchises have their beloved fans all around the globe, including fateful and hardcore collectors. Even if you weren’t in the theater in 1979 or 1990, we have gathered a list of collectibles for you. You get them now and show your love for the franchises or enhance your collection with beautiful figurines.

A quick look at the past

The first movie in the series, Alien (1979), brought the terrifying Xenomorph and the strong-willed Ripley into the world and set the stage for a chilling space horror franchise. Predator (1987) came with the technologically superior Yautja, the hunters of the prey across galaxies. A connection made in Predator 2 (1990) was finally fully realized in Alien vs Predator (2004) where the Xenomorphs and the Predators fought it out. Nevertheless, the franchises still exist in different dimensions, which gives the audience many space monsters and elite hunters, and comics and video games only fuel the fire.

NECA Lasershot Predator Figure

This action figure from NECA will assist you in commanding the long-range attack of the Predator. It is possible that the figure is slightly smaller, about 7 inches, and the figure has a more detailed depiction of the Predator’s bio-armor and the Plasma Caster cannon mounted on the shoulders of the figure. The joints are designed so that the figure can be positioned in different ways, whether to capture a particular scene from the movies or come up with your Predator hunting scene.

Aliens Gorilla Alien Action Figure

This figure provides a realistic appearance of a Xenomorph from the movie that can be quite scary. The “Gorilla” Alien, a strong and muscular alien that can lift heavy things, was first seen in the Aliens vs. Predator arcade game and comics. The figure is likely to portray the creature as a large and menacing figure with features such as a see-through mouth and sharp claws. This is a must-have for anyone who enjoys the Alien franchise and its extended universe.

Prime Studio 1 – Big Game Predator Statue:

If you are a collector looking for a great centerpiece, then the Big Game Predator statue by Prime Studio is just what you need. The statue is quite large, standing at a height of over a foot and depicting a Predator amid the hunt, or before a battle, or even holding a trophy. Prime Studio is known for its great sculpting and painting and this statue is a great example of how this character should be depicted.

AVP Aliens vs Predator Predalien Concept Bust Maquette Statue w/Shipper:

This collectible is ideal for anyone who admires the Predalien, an offspring of Xenomorph and the Predator. This maquette statue, presumably smaller than a full bust, gives an idea of the Predalien’s evolution and concept design. The presence of a shipper is a clear indication that this piece is a limited edition or exclusive, which is always a good thing for a collector.

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