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Have you heard of these Disney Marvel Playsets?

If you are a hardcore Disney Marvel fan, then you would want to hear about these playsets. Prepare to assemble amazing playtime sets and bring your favorite heroes and villains to life. Act out major and epic battle scenes and shape out a story however you want. Whether it is Iron Man vs. Thanos or Captain America taking charge, unleash your super fan with these Disney Marvel playsets.

A Quick Look at the History of Marvel

Marvel Comics, the creator of numerous comic characters, had a great beginning but faced some challenges in the 90s. Although the company had such great characters as Iron Man and Spider-Man, they had to give away movie rights due to financial problems. Disney, the leader in the art of storytelling, realized the value of Marvel in 2009 and decided to buy the company for $4 billion. This fantastic movie took the heroes back home, which is how Disney created the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU has since remained a great example of interconnected storytelling and has managed to enthrall viewers across the globe.

Disney Marvel Spider-Man Figurine Set

Get ready for action with the amazing wall-crawler Spider-Man. This set includes a highly articulated Spider-Man figure with his web-shooting action to fight off the villains. It may also contain props like web effects or a small location, such as a rooftop or the Daily Bugle office.

Disney Marvel Avengers Figurine Set Playset

This playset comes with a collection of Disney Marvel Avengers figurines. Many Avengers characters, such as Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow, are included in this playset. With features like the repulsor rays or shields, you can bring your favorite battles to life and protect the world from the bad guys. The set may also contain a mini-Avengers headquarters or a city where the child can role-play.

Disney Marvel Avengers 6 Piece Figurine Play Set:

This playset includes a team of six famous Avengers characters to help fight against any danger. Picture grand battles where the First Avenger fights with the shield, Stark flies around with his suit and emits repulsor rays, and Romanoff kicks ass. It may also contain other characters, for instance, Thor with his hammer or Hulk with his fists. Using these detailed figures, you can mimic the action from the Avengers films or make up your own exciting storylines.

Disney Marvel Captain Marvel Figurine Playset

Get ready to dress like a superhero and fly with Captain Marvel! This set includes a strong Captain Marvel figure ready to shoot down any foe with her energy beams. The set may contain power-ups or a small model of her vehicle or home.

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