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Here are Godzilla Collectible You Have Never See Before

Here is an opportunity for hardcore fans of the Godzilla franchise. With the ever-growing Gojira merchandise collection, there is always a chance to miss out on certain pieces. From breathtaking miniatures to Funko pop, get ready to feel the radiating passion of Godzilla’s cultural significance. Hold on to your hats, as we recollect the past and let you know about the piece you have missed out on.

A Quick History of the Godzilla Series

Godzilla’s empire started in 1954, and it is a symbol of the terror caused by the atomic bomb. The original film depicted him as a villain, a destructive figure symbolizing nuclear threat. As the years passed, Godzilla changed. In the “Showa era” (1954-1975), he fought enemies like King Ghidorah and transformed into a reluctant hero who had to protect Japan. The franchise moved on to new eras, and Godzilla’s position was now guardian and destroyer. Today, Godzilla continues to be a beloved figure in pop culture, is featured in new films, and is adored by fans globally.

Mezco Toys 5 Points XL Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla Deluxe Three-Figure Boxed Set

This deluxe set is for serious Godzilla fans as it comes with articulated features on a larger scale. The set comprises Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, and presumably other features such as Godzilla’s atomic ray. Mezco has always been associated with high quality. The figures are sculpted, painted, and articulated to allow for a realistic reenactment of scenes from the 1974 movie.

Funko Pop! Godzilla King of the Monsters Mothra #1347

This collectible is for the fans who like to have something cute and look like it was drawn by a talented artist. It is one of the Funko Pop! series that has gained a lot of popularity. In this line, this vinyl figure is Mothra, Godzilla’s sometimes ally. Drawn in a cute and cartoony style with a big head and features emphasized. Mothra (#1347) likely refers to a specific design from the 2019 film “Godzilla: King of the Monsters“.  These figures are ideal for those who do not intensively collect action figures or those looking for a more childish approach to Godzilla toys.

Johnny Lightning Pop Culture Godzilla WWII MB Jeep Willys

The diecast model combines Godzilla’s universe with historical events of the Second World War. Just like in the picture, it is hard to believe that Godzilla is battling with tanks in a miniature world. Johnny Lightning is known for detailed diecast vehicles, and this Jeep Willys might have Godzilla-themed add-ons or paint jobs, maybe even some guns or dents. This collectible targets the audience that likes to see the interaction of popular culture characters with historical backgrounds, giving a twist to the Godzilla world.

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