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Maintaining, Restoring, and Preserving Star Wars and Trek toys and collectibles

For every space-faring fan out there, big or small. Maintaining and preserving their cherished collection of comic books, toys, action figures, or memorabilia can be an irreplaceable joy. These franchises have captivated their audience for arcades, making their associated toys and collectibles hold almost priceless value. Therefore, it becomes evidently clear that it’s important to identify and address common issues or damages. Such as paint chipping, loose joints, and fading colors. With expert knowledge and tools available, you will be able to maintain the value of your collection.

Maintaining Your Toys and Collectables

Maintaining the appearance of your collection can prolong its longevity. Start with gentle dusting with a soft brush or microfiber cloth to clean dust or dirt. For a more thorough cleaning, it’s recommended to use mild, soapy water and a damp cloth to wipe down your figures. Moreover, you can also use isopropyl alcohol or specialized cleaner to take care of stubborn stains or marks. Make sure to avoid water seeping into any joints or electronic components. Finally, allow your figure or collectible to dry properly before storing or displaying them.

Essential Storage

Proper storage will not only help maintain but also upkeep the value of your collectables. For loose items, it’s recommended to use plastic bags or boxes to protect them from dust or moisture. If you prefer to keep your collectables in their original packaging, make sure to keep them upright to prevent warping and bending. Lastly, perform inspections every now and then and adjust your storage to maintain the quality of your collectibles.

Displaying Your Items

Shelves with glass fronts are necessary when storing or displaying your toys and figurines. However, it’s equally important to preserve their quality. Start by choosing a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Adjustable shelving units are also excellent for creating dynamic spacing for different sizes of toys and collectibles. Use bases or stands to keep your figure upright to avoid accidental falls or potential damage. Changing your display layout periodically will also help to keep it looking fresh.

Transporting your Collection

Moving can be a hassle for many, even more so when you have an entire collection of toys and memorabilia. To avoid potential damage and scuffing, wrap each figure individually in bubble wrap or soft tissue paper to cushion them. Placement in the right-sized boxes can also help, but make sure to use foam peanuts or crumpled paper. Once packed, seal the box properly and label it as fragile for good measure.

Want to Start Collecting Star Wars and Trek Figurines?

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