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Amazing World of Cartoon inspired Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels have a colorful history of being beloved by children and collectors alike. At the same time, they expanded their catalog to include modern and vintage cars and vehicles. They are also known for producing toys inspired by cartoons and animated movies. If you are interested in starting their own collection or just looking to get someone a particular gift. Here are a few interesting mentions;

Hot Wheels Peanuts ’66 Dodge A100

One of the true classics from the Charlie Brown and Peanut era, Peanuts ’66 Dodge A100 combines iconic pop culture with metal casting and real rider tires. It is presented in fan collections of memorabilia with original graphic packaging, making it a great gift for pop culture enthusiasts near you. Whether you are looking to imburse your collection with classic flare or want to feel a nostalgic hit, Peanuts ’66 Dodge A100 will be an excellent choice for you.

Hot Wheels Elite Scooby-Doo the Mystery Machine

Which kid didn’t dream of riding the iconic mystery machine from childhood classic Scooby-Doo!. However, right now, it is limited to play-pretend with a scale-down miniature of the mystery machine. This doesn’t end only at the van, since the entire gang is also here, as removable figurines. Hot Wheels elite Scooby-Doo the Mystery Machine takes after the classic Hanna Barbara animated property, making it most sorted out by fans of all ages. This also makes it an excellent gift and collectible.

HW Elite the Flintstones Flintmobile

Unfortunately, I was not around the age of Flintstones, however the value of this true classic is not lost on me. Flintmobile is a prehistoric vehicle prominent in Flintstone, a comedy cartoon on primetime television in 1960. Operated by the man himself, Fred Flintstone who goes about having prehistoric adventures with his neighbors, children, and other strange fantasy animals. Featuring stone wheels, tree branches, side panels, and a body of wood and animal skins. Keep it or give it away to a collector near you and have a YABBA-DABBA-DOO time.

SpongeBob Mr. Krabs

Known as a modern classic, SpongeBob has taken television and the internet by storm. With its array of colorful and marine-themed cast, SpongeBob has spawned many toys and memorabilia. This includes Mr. Krabs, a casting made by Hot Wheels in likeness of the famous greedy but beloved Mr. Krabs, the owner of Kursty Krabs, that’s too many Karb’s. The casting is a 30-era coupe hot rod with an exposed engine and a large fuel tank in the back. The fenders in the font are shaped like Krab’s claws, and the grille and headlight resemble his head and eyes, respectively.

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