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From the Movies to Your Home: Toys, Models, and Memorabilia

The world of games, movies, TV shows, and comic books has captured the attention of audiences worldwide for decades. Allowing them to see mystical places and go on thrilling adventures. For many fans the magic doesn’t need to end at screens or pages of text and images. Instead, it finds a new home in their collectible toys, models, and memorabilia. In brief, collectibles, toys, and items can provide a tangible connection to the cinematic world and beloved franchises.

Toys and Collectibles

Toys and Collectibles can provide endless possibilities for creativity and nostalgic expression. They are often seen attracting children and adults, big and small, by sparking memories of childhood. Moreover, each plastic figurine can evoke and inspire imaginative adventures and storytelling, allowing collectors endless opportunities for role-playing and recreating icon scenes. Discovering and displaying a selection of toys and collectibles can be deeply rewarding, reflecting a passion and loyalty to a series or franchise.

Star Wars and Star Trek

Star Wars and Star Trek have a rich history of movies, TV shows, games, and comic books, which has inspired countless collections of loyal fans on both sides. Whether it be figurines of their beloved characters or highly detailed starship models. These items have captured the essence of their respected sci-fi universe. Both franchises have stayed in the spotlight by offering a wide range of playsets, replica props, and autographed memorabilia. In the end, helping to create a personal connection to the epic adventures and exploration they love.

Hot wheels

Hot Wheels has remained a collector’s staple die-cast brand since its introduction in 1968. These miniature models of iconic cars and other vehicles are inspired by movies, TV shows, or from real life. Their intricate designs and vibrant colors have given them a wider appeal to children and adults. Hot Wheel also features racing tracks and playsets for high-speed, gravity-defying stunts. Nevertheless, with a large fan base and a history of producing high-quality models, they continue to dominate the shelves of collectors and car enthusiasts alike.


Playsets embody the concept “more, the merrier”, providing a stage for creativity and storytelling. They often include iconic locations, characters, and accessories that can bring the scenes to life. Evidently, many collectors and children see this as an opportunity to recreate and immerse themselves. Encouraging a dynamic and interactive way to engage with favorite themes and characters.

Funko Pop

Funko-pop was introduced in 1998 and soon grew to ridiculous icon popularity worldwide. Today, there are more than 13000 unique Funko pops to collect of famous historical figures, actors, content creators, superheroes, and the list goes on. Created as simple figurine playsets, they now have undeniably captured the hearts of collectors worldwide.

Want to Start Your New Hobby?

In the end, old or young, collecting can be a very fun and interesting hobby and Universal Classic Toys can be your start. They offer an extensive catalog of toys, playset, models, and more. So, get your start by visiting their website and pick out your first collectible now.

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