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Barbies Dolls that You are Sleeping on

The doll that took over America and the rest of the world. Yes, Barbie dolls have a stable for pop culture, sprouting TV shows, movies, video games, and numerous childhoods. First introduced into the American toy market as Barbara Millicent Roberts, they feature a black-and-white striped bathing suit, pouty lips, and a sassy blonde ponytail.

Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, Inc., came up with all of this. Inspired by her daughter playing pretend with paper dolls of adult women, she realized that there was room for toys depicting carrier women for children. Following this path, with over 250 different variations created and 1 billion sold, Barbie became a well-known brand and household name.

Barbie & Ken Star Trek Giftset

People knew that Barbie was a part-time astronaut alongside her various professions, but many would be surprised that she had a place in the U.S.S. Enterprise. Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of classic Star Trek, Barbie is ready for a spacefaring adventure. Outfitted with a Star Trek uniform engineering section and a tricorder handheld device and communicator, she is ready to support the star fleet. Alongside her is Captain Ken, who is fitted with a golden jersey and badge that highlight his position in the command division. This set specially speaks to both children and adults, this Giftset into their collection.

2020 Barbie Dragon Empress Doll Mythical Muse Series

Let’s take a step down from sci-fi and head to fantasy, where Barbie has received both Mythical and Empress status. The Mythical Muse series’s 2020 release of the Barbie Dragon Empress doll has blown its fans out of the water with its amazing design and style. Featuring a mix of a unicorn goddess and a mermaid enchantress, her charms have a spellbinding effect on collectors worldwide. With an ethereal beauty and bold stature, this doll is an ideal anchor to the Mythical Muse collection. Any Barbie collector and fanatic will realize it’s a fitting place in their collection.

Bob Mackie Diamond Dazzle Barbie Doll

Created by the legendary designer, Bob Mackie. Jewel Essence Collection Barbie Diamond Dazzle was released in 1997, celebrating the glamour and brilliance of jewels. Featuring a rich black velvet and white satin combined with beautiful Swarovski crystals shimmering like diamonds. This design presented Barbie as precious as the stone itself. Envisioning sophistication in her magnificent gown will make you treasure her as you would your finest jewelry.

FAO Schwarz Barbie Doll

Taking after famous and breathtaking circus acrobat performances. FAO Schwarz Barbie Doll celebrates from exciting rope walkers to tumblers. Created and sold only in FAO Schwarz stores, these were standard dolls with never-before-seen accessories, hairstyles, and themes. Furthermore, they were in limited editions and are now no longer in production. For fans and collectors alike, this can be a great addition. Here is how you can get it.

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