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Reviving Hollywood’s Classics in a Small-town Garage

Whittier, North Carolina, is a picturesque town nestled amidst the Great Smoky Mountains, far from the glitz of Hollywood. This quaint town, home to fewer than 6,000 residents, harbors a surprising gem: Razorfly Studios, a modest garage that breathes life into replicas of some of Tinseltown’s most iconic cars.

Run by the talented duo Mark and Angela Zoran, Razorfly Studios has become synonymous with crafting stunning replicas of pop culture’s beloved vehicles. From the time-traveling DeLorean DMC-12 of “Back to the Future” fame to the legendary Dodge Monaco from “The Blues Brothers” and a fleet of Jurassic Park SUVs, their portfolio reads like a cinephile’s dream.

Where Cars Become the Stars

Razorfly’s meticulous recreations mirror the Hollywood originals with such precision that they could easily be mistaken for big-budget studio creations. The garage brings to life the cherished stories we’ve relished in theaters and from the comfort of our living rooms, where automobiles hold a spotlight as bright as the lead characters.

Mark spearheads the technical aspects—wiring, painting, and fabrication—while Angela channels her expertise into the costume design realm. While some replicas have been sold for varying prices, ranging from under $20,000 to upwards of $50,000, Razorfly’s primary business revolves around renting out these iconic vehicles to numerous sci-fi and pop-culture events across different cities.

The Journey of Passion and Precision

For Mark, the inception of Razorfly stems from a lifelong passion inherited from his father. Starting with building model cars, Mark’s enthusiasm gradually evolved into a desire to create life-size replicas. “I always wanted something life-size, something real,” he recalls.

His journey began with replicating Doc Brown’s time machine from “Back to the Future.” Acquiring a DMC-12, albeit needing repair, Mark embarked on a detailed transformation journey, meticulously sourcing exact hardware used in the film or crafting resin castings of original parts. Every facet resonates with authenticity, from the cockpit’s functioning LED displays to minute details like the movie-used battery-terminal brush for the time machine’s switch.

Crafting Movie Magic, One Car at a Time

Razorfly’s process spans months, commencing with finding complete donor cars, primarily aged models. The team—comprising Mark and a few skilled collaborators—strips, refurbishes, and rebuilds these vehicles. From mechanical overhauls to intricate body and cabin modifications, every step exudes dedication to honoring cinematic nostalgia.

The workshop’s pièce de resistance undoubtedly lies in the meticulous recreation of the Jurassic Park trucks. Two Jeep Wranglers replicate the film’s essence. At the same time, the Ford Explorer underwent extensive alterations, boasting early-’90s CRT screens, custom interiors, and even a clear plexiglass dome for an authentic T-Rex experience.

A Vision Beyond Replicas

Mark’s passion transcends the confines of his garage. Beyond recreating movie classics, he aspires to contribute original custom cars to the silver screen. His endeavors haven’t gone unnoticed, as Razorfly’s story is now being considered for a TV series that chronicles resurrecting old cars into iconic movie memorabilia.

As Razor Fly Studios continues to captivate audiences with their immaculate recreations, their journey signifies a heartfelt homage to the timeless allure of movie cars. Should their story grace television screens, it will reignite the magic these legendary automobiles bring to our cinematic experiences.

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