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Must Have: Neca Gremlins Figures

Prepare to bring out the naughty side with NECA’s amazing Gremlins toy collection. From Gizmo’s cute appearance to Stripe’s mischievous behavior, these detailed collectibles embody the spirit of the famous movie series. If you are a fan of Gremlins movies, a collector of advert toys, or both. Furthermore, NECA’s figures combine the best that pop culture offers and high-quality models that will enhance your collection.

A Quick History Lesson

Starting with the humorous myths of pilots during World War II and the works of Roald Dahl in children’s literature. The Gremlins movie was released in 1984, and it was a mix of comedy, horror, and cute creatures such as Gizmo and mischievous Gremlins. The success spawned a wild sequel and, more recently, an animated series, “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai,” Exploring more of Gizmo’s backstory and adding more to the world. This rich history provides the background to the NECA Gremlins figures, who are so special. It is important to convey the franchise’s spirit and provide a unique and exciting taste of pop culture.

Neca Gremlins Brownie Figure


NECA’s Brownie Mogwai figure is a rare and cute figure that should be added to your Gremlins collection. This 3. 5-inch figure offers fans a closer look at the cute concept Mogwai from the movie Gremlins 2 with its soft brown fur and big eyes. Posed with fully articulated rolling eyeballs. Moreover, brownie is ready for some troublemaking or to make you fall in love with its cute appearance.

Neca Gremlins Doo Dah Figure

The Doo Dah Mogwai figure is one of the best collectibles that any Gremlins fan should consider getting from NECA. This 7-inch figure captures the essence of the mogwai from the movie with its soft fur texture, realistic eyes, and cute grin. Standing at approximately 6 inches tall, Doo Dah is fully articulated with poseable ears and NECA’s rolling eyeballs feature, perfect for recreating scenes from the movie or posing for some cute trouble.

Neca Gremlins Patches Figure

NECA’s Patches figure adds a fun and naughty Mogwai to your Gremlins collection. This 7-inch figure is based on a Mogwai from Gremlins 2 and is covered in soft brown fur, has big round eyes, and a cheeky grin. Patches are fully articulated with poseable ears and NECA’s rolling eyeballs, ready for some crazy action. He even has a miniature skateboard and chainsaw accessories, which are fun and naughty. Making this rare Mogwai collectible even more special.

Neca Gremlins Zoe Figure

NECA’s Zoe figure adds another cute Mogwai to your Gremlins collection. This 7-inch figure is from Gremlins 2 concept design and has soft light brown fur, big round eyes, and looks like he is up to something. With fully articulated ears and rolling eyeballs, this Zoe is perfect for playtime and is a NECA product.

Neca Gremlins Penny Figure

NECA’s Penny Mogwai figure is a cute and rare addition to any Gremlins fan’s collection. This 7-inch figure, based on a concept Mogwai from Gremlins 2, has soft, light brown fur, big eyes and looks rather curious. Penny is fully articulated with poseable ears and NECA’s rolling eyeballs and is ready for fun.

Add Gremlins to Your Collection with Universal Classic Toys

Get ready to welcome the mischievous and magical creatures of Gremlins with NECA’s fantastic collection of toys. From the cute and cuddly Gizmo to the mischievous Stripe, these detailed collectibles embody the spirit of the beloved franchise. So, what are you waiting for?

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