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From Silver Screen to Shelf: Iconic Movie Cars You Can Own!

Do you also crave adventure with the Mystery Machine gang? Or have you dreamt of roaring down the highway with a classic muscle car? Well, here is some good news from Universal Classic Toys. We are here to help! We have something for every movie fan to turn your movie dream into a shelf reality. We’re talking iconic cars straight from the silver screen, miniaturized and ready to join your collection.

Whether you want Hot Wheels 2017 Pop Culture WB Scooby-Doo Complete set or Greenlight the Hangover Ford Crown Victoria 1/18, our platform covers all. So, get ready, movie bluffs. Let’s relive your favorite movie scene and create your magic, all from the comfort of your own home.

Classic Muscle

For good reason, muscle vehicles are always in vogue. These thundering creatures of the past radiate power, independence, and a hint of disobedience. Grab the legendary Johnny Lightning Richard Petty 43 1972 Plymouth Road Runner. The classic paint job and graceful lines shout speed and take you back to the heyday of motor racing. Or, imagine owning a piece of movie magic with the menacing Greenlight Hollywood Graveyard Carz 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda.

Moreover, this menacing machine is a magnificent muscle automobile to unleash its strength on your board—or epic, dramatic recreations of moments from movies!

TV Icons

Do you recall the excitement of old-time primetime television or Saturday morning cartoons? UCTs’ recognizable TV car replicas evoke fond recollections! Check out one of the best Batman collections from Universal Classic Toys, Jada Pink Slips Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile 1/24.

This painstakingly constructed replica whisks you back to the grim streets of Gotham City while capturing the spirit of the original Batmobile. If you crave a dose of 70s flair, look no further than the Greenlight Starsky & Hutch 1976 Ford Gran Torino. Furthermore, this stunning red-and-white image is representative of vintage detective teams and fast-pace pursuits. Prepare to relive your best TV moments as you display these legendary cars!

Cult Classics

Not every movie car is for enjoyment or chaos! Rides that go above and beyond expectations are sometimes the coolest. Grab the Tarmac Hello Kitty Toyota HiAce Widebody 1/64. This cute powerhouse adds a unique touch to any collection by fusing the classic Hello Kitty shape with an elegant widebody change. On the other hand of the spectrum, we have the gloriously over-the-top Greenlight Hollywood Joe Dirt 1979 Pontiac Firebird T/A. This flame-painted monstrosity, straight out of the cult comedy Joe Dirt, is a funny reminder that sometimes beautiful things come in the most unique ways. So, prepare to surprise yourself with the strange and fantastic with these oddball replicas of vintage cars from Universal Classic Toys!

Dive Into the Adventure with Universal Classic Toys

Take the opportunity to grab iconic cars, unforgettable movie scenes, and pure magic at the platform of Universal Classic Toys! Our vast collection of movie cars is waiting for you to grab them so that they can take you on an adventure ride while staying on budget. Whether it is classic muscle or quirky cult favorites, leave it to us. So, browse our selection, relive your favorite moments, or create epic stories – the only limit is your imagination! Visit Universal Classic Toys today and let the movie magic roll!

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