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Beyond Barbie: Exploring the Diverse World of Dolls!

Are you also bored of playing with those traditional Barbie dolls and think of having your hands on some unique stuff? Us too! Universal Classic Toys is here to provide you with a whole universe of dolls that would be enough to spark your imaginations. Regardless of your age and interest, we have got something […]

Beyond the Race Track: The Diverse World of Hot Wheels!

Hot Wheels sounds like a great option to enjoy a weekend with, right? But do you know these cars are more than just an orange track? In this guide, Universal Classic Toys will take you on a wild ride by presenting you with classic muscle cars, your favorite cartoon cars, and even epic movie car […]

Beyond the Big Screen: Bringing Star Wars Heroes Home!

Have you ever dreamed of roaming with your favorite Star Wars characters instead of watching them on screen? If yes, you are standing on the righteous spot. We are here to help you select your desired Star Wars character in real life. The collection of Universal Classic Toys is flooded with a whole crew of […]

From Silver Screen to Shelf: Iconic Movie Cars You Can Own!

Do you also crave adventure with the Mystery Machine gang? Or have you dreamt of roaring down the highway with a classic muscle car? Well, here is some good news from Universal Classic Toys. We are here to help! We have something for every movie fan to turn your movie dream into a shelf reality. […]

Exploring Universal Collectibles’ Diverse World of Miniature Marvels

Universal Classic Toys is a perfect place for collectors looking for great heroes and typical but classic autos. A variety of extremely detailed diecast models surpass the average expectations and await collectors in the world of diecast. Here in this blog, we’re listing down a few of the many diecast cars we have in the […]

Showcasing Rare Finds in Space & Galaxy Diecast Collection

We believe that two types of people collect diecast vehicles. One is concerned about creating an impressive collection for admiration with no intention of selling. The other is actively working to establish a collection to sell in the future. It makes no difference if you’re collecting diecast cars to reconnect with your youth or to […]

Movie Car Diecast Models That Bring Blockbusters Home

Diecast movie automobiles are one of those collectibles that cross over into two separate collecting categories. They are collected by both diecast cars and movie memorabilia collectors. There are a few things every collector should know about this specialist genre of diecast model automobiles.   Ultimately, it is up to the collector. You must assess […]

Miniature Marvels: Explore the World of Die Cast Model Cars

The automotive industry expanded at the turn of the twentieth century, resulting in various makes and models in diecast. Cars swiftly became pieces of art, with manufacturers constantly striving for development and evolution. As a result, the automotive industry currently has a rich history that many people enjoy. Diecast miniature cars like Greenlight Walking Dead […]

Marvel and DC Diecast Heroes: Must-Have Collectibles

Exploring the World of Superhero Scale Figures Superheroes have surged in popularity across various entertainment mediums, from movies and TV to books and toy stores. Amidst the flood of superhero collectibles, starting a collection or keeping up with the vast array of merchandise can be daunting for new and seasoned collectors. This exploration will delve […]

The Legacy of Kenner’s Die-Cast Star Wars Vehicles

Regarding iconic movie cars and collectibles, few creations have captivated the hearts of fans and collectors, like the Star Wars vehicles released by Kenner. The journey of these die-cast replicas spans over several years, marking pivotal moments in both toy history and Star Wars fandom. The Genesis of Kenner’s Die-Cast Ships In 1978, Kenner launched […]