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Add That Japanese Flare to Your Hot Wheels Collection

Bring a touch of the rising sun to your Hot Wheels collection. Die-cast model collectors are in luck because Japan offers its own car culture. These pieces will take your collection from generic to a collection of legendary Japanese rides. Here are some cars to get you started, ranging from tricked-out tuner legends to supercars.

Quick History of Hot Wheels Japan Die-Cast Models Cars

While Hot Wheels started in the US in 1968, they gradually entered Japanese car culture over time. This was not a one-time event but rather a natural expansion due to the increasing international demand for Japanese cars. This passion even led to dedicated lines such as “Car Culture Japan Historics,” which focused on the recreation of some of the most iconic Japanese cars from different decades with very fine details.

Hot Wheels Japan Historic Complete Set

Finish off your Japanese car dream with the Hot Wheels Japan Historics collection. This series focuses on the legendary JDM cars through the ages, including the Nissan Skyline GT-R and the Datsun 510. Every single diecast model is designed to perfection with the Japanese automobile history in mind, making it a perfect fit for collectors and automobile lovers.

Hot Wheels silver Datsun Bluebird 510

This Hot Wheels silver Datsun Bluebird 510 replicates a famous Japanese sports sedan. The 510 was much loved for its lightweight and maneuverability, making it a favorite among drivers. This Hot Wheels diecast retains the car’s shape and can have details such as racing stripes.

Hot Wheels orange Mazda RX-3

This diecast is fiery, representing the rotary-powered sports coupe. The RX-3 was a beast on the racetrack due to its rev-happy engine and aggressive handling characteristics. The Hot Wheels version is an exact copy of the car’s design and usually has bright racing numbers on the body.

Hot Wheels yellow Nissan Fairlady Z

This Hot Wheels yellow Nissan Fairlady Z diecast brilliantly embodies this classic Japanese sports car. The Fairlady Z has been around for many years and is popularly known as the ‘Z”. This Hot Wheels model captures the car’s sleek curves and sheer muscle.

Hot Wheels green Nissan Laurel 2000 SGX

The Laurel was a performance-oriented sedan that provided a luxurious ride. The Hot Wheels version captures the car’s sleekness and can have minor racing elements, thus making it a perfect model for JDM enthusiasts.

Hot Wheels purple Nissan Skyline C210

The C210 Skyline, known as the Hakosuka, was the car of the moment in racing circuits. The Hot Wheels version is more of an accurate representation of the car’s muscular stance and boxy silhouette and it usually comes with racing stripes, which is perfect for any collector.

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