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Diecast Cars in Advertising: Iconic Campaigns

Diecast cars have long held a fascination for both collectors and advertisers alike. Their miniature charm appeals to enthusiasts and serves as a canvas for creative campaigns that transcend their size. Recently, Škoda, the Czech car brand, embarked on a unique advertising venture that showcased their vehicles mesmerizingly, all through the lens of Hungarian photographer Benedek Lampert.

The Fascination with Miniature Realism

Škoda’s unconventional approach involved engaging Lampert to photograph their cars, not in their full-sized glory, but through 1:43-scale models. This departure from conventional advertising shoots presented Lampert, a skilled photographer known for his lifelike captures of LEGO dioramas, with an intriguing challenge.

“This sounded interesting, so I accepted,” Lampert shared in an interview with Peta Pixel. Leveraging his background in meticulously crafting realistic small-scale scenes, Lampert enthusiastically delved into the project.

Unveiling the Magic: Realism Without Digital Manipulation

One of the most striking aspects of Lampert’s work for Škoda was his commitment to authenticity. Rather than relying heavily on digital post-production, Lampert devoted extensive hours to crafting miniature scenes painstakingly. From intricately creating smoke and dirt to constructing detailed dioramas, he strived for realism without excessive digital alteration.

The dedication to realism extended to capturing motion blur authentically. Contrary to the ease of digitally inducing such effects, Lampert sought to achieve them organically. The blur in the backgrounds and the spinning wheels of the cars wasn’t a product of digital manipulation but a result captured authentically during the shoots.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Miniature Masterpieces

Each photograph represented not just a snapshot but an arduous process. Lampert’s commitment was evident as he spent 7 to 12 hours on most photos. However, one shot stood out, consuming a staggering ten days for set construction, conceptualization, shooting, and post-production.

The resulting photographs unveiled by Lampert showcased the Škoda cars in a captivating light, each image encapsulating the essence of the brand with intricate attention to detail.

Škoda’s collaboration with Benedek Lampert demonstrated the potent allure of diecast cars in advertising. Through a blend of artistic vision, technical prowess, and a commitment to realism, Lampert’s work elevated miniature models to evoke the grandeur of full-sized automobiles.

In an era dominated by digital manipulation, Lampert’s dedication to crafting genuine, lifelike scenes is a testament to the enduring charm of authentic creativity in advertising.

As diecast cars continue to capture the imagination of collectors and advertisers, Škoda’s venture with Lampert stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities these miniature marvels offer in advertising campaigns.

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